Roxanne Bernal

Originally from the Bay Area, where she cultivated a love for diverse cultures and the power of community connection, she moved to Modesto 11 years ago, where she established her family and career with Boys & Girls Clubs of Stanislaus County. 

Her role as a mother to three incredible children keeps her motivated and she is always working toward ways to create a better world for her children and their peers. This is what led her to the path of becoming a parent-volunteer with Boys & Girls Clubs of Stanislaus County, she now served on the Sr. Leadership Team as the Director of Operations. What began as a seemingly small contribution to her son's after-school program has blossomed into a passion for creating spaces where young minds can flourish, their dreams can take flight, and their futures can be transformed, and a 10-year career with the organization. 

Roxanne credits her initial step as a parent volunteer and witnessing the incredible impact of the organization's programs for helping her to find her purpose. She is committed to being a part of a team that supports the organization's mission and youth empowerment. 

My journey with the Boys & Girls Club has been a rich tapestry woven with dedication, growth, and the joy of giving back. From that initial step as a parent volunteer, I've remained committed to the organization, pouring my energy into supporting its mission to empower the next generation.

She loves partnering with parents, schools and the community to help create brighter futures for children.