Healthy Lifestyles

The Healthy Lifestyles program at the Boys and Girls Club in Stanislaus County is committed to instilling lifelong habits of physical fitness, nutrition education, and overall well-being in children. Through engaging activities, educational workshops, and access to resources, we empower children to make healthy choices and lead balanced lives. Our program aims to cultivate a culture of wellness, ensuring that children develop the knowledge, skills, and motivation to prioritize their health and embrace healthy lifestyles.

Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits emphasizes good nutrition, regular physical activity and improved overall well-being.

Triple Play

Triple Play is a comprehensive health and wellness program. It strives to improve the overall health of Club members ages 6-18 by increasing daily physical activity, teaching them about good nutrition and helping them develop healthy relationships.


ALL STARS engages Club members 6-18 yrs in high-quality organized flag football, basketball, and soccer programs.


PLAY BALL allows youth to increase their overall fitness while learning the fundamental skills of baseball and softball through fun and enriching activities.


Jr. NBA/WNBA develops a lifelong passion for the game of basketball in boys and girls by teaching the fundamentals of the sport and instilling core values. Resources to coaches improve the overall youth basketball experience for all participants.